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Woot! November is finally here, hope you're all not getting too sick on NaNoWriMo eve candy~ (What is this 'Halloween' that you speak of? Psssshhh it's NaNo Eve, the time to thank the NaNo gods in hopes of a successful NaNo!)

Here are just a few tips from No Plot? No Problem! By Chris B, NaNoWriMo founder:

1. Get rid of your inner editor for the month and send it to the NaNo headquarter kennels. If needed draw a button on a piece of paper that says "Take my inner editor!" and push it, closing your eyes and letting it fade away. This really helps and it really works.

2. Don't let anyone (even yourself!) read your novel as you write it. This will just make you want to edit it to make it presentable to yourself and others. That will severely bog you down and suck you dry of all creativity faster than a spit sucker at the dentist. Avoid this at all costs, January is for editing and sharing anyways.

3. Don't get hung up on the first sentences or title. Just add them into the novel or document whenever they come to you, even if it's next May! Right now is about getting all the sloppy words that you can  out in one month and picking up the pieces of the novel later.

4. Use word wars, candy, write-or-die and bets to do dishes for a week to motivate you to hit your NaNo goals! Nothing like a little positive or negative motivation to get your fingers flying!

5. Just write! Even if you get writers block just open up a new document and type nonsense. It'll get you in the creative mood again, even if its a story about how you saved a unicorn from an evil bus driver by throwing your back pack at him. Anything to get you writing is good.

6. Build up that word cushion! You need to have almost 1/3 of your word count done by the end of the week so you have some wiggle room in the dark, depressing depths of week 2. Keep writing and use the weekend as a turbo booster to your word count!

Hope these little tips from the NaNo man himself help you out as you tackle this writing endeavor this month. Remember, you can write a pep-talk for the group if you want this month. Just note me about it before the last week :heart:

Happy NaNoWriMo!

AJ- Founder

P.S. I'll be clearing out the dead members sometime this week. If you don't want deleted please go here and comment with your user name on the YWP so a directory can be written!
Sahfire14 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
Good luck everyone! :clap:
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